Time measurement and impermanence are not just ideological issues: nature follows its own laws and entropy is necessary to understand and express an essential part of them.
When abandoned to themselves, every system tend to become disorganized, scattered, and corrupted in direct correlation with time flow. Every living and not living thing is consumed, degrades, declines.
The orderly evolution which assembles the complex systems of life and the spontaneous aesthetics of nature which tends to auto-organize itself… are they maybe opposing the chaos action of entropy?
While order and life are born within a leaf, a car decays in the soil and increases chaos, leading the overall balance toward the latter. This represents the effort and victory that enlightens the exceptional and precious nature of life on this planet and its delicate balance, demanding the need for a sympathetic position in its defense.
There is still the issue of sustainability and the impossibility to leave the same resources that we have had to our future generations.
Each commodities cycle is depleting nature and produces slags that are only partially recyclable; this is warning us that this economical system and its culture - presented as the only possible - is not providing a sustainable future for our planet.

Translation by Marta Mainenti