In Progress

Seen from above, by way of a modern tool such as Google Earth, our planet clearly shows the face of man's activity and of climatic changes which will force future generations to adapt to a different way of life. A disaster, the death of the forests and of animals; the pain and the danger are transformed into a network of lines and abstract shapes.
These pieces render the reality stilled; magically transformed into microchips with the click of a mouse.
In a sense, this series of photographs is a chronicle direct from the territories, where reality is interwoven with virtuality thereby losing its power to excite acute, profound emotion. Progress is synthesized into a miniature version of itself, its most important task, to free us from our natural sense of unease. Progress anesthetizes the souls  that would otherwise take pains to protect life. In Progress is a project comprising 80 Polaroid images, divided into four chapters; Deforestation, Desertification, Melting of the Glaciers, and Rising Sea Levels.
The annual rate of deforestation and prices of meat and soy in Amazonian Brazil 1994-2006
Brazil Roraima 1970
Brazil Amazonas 2009
Brazil Parà 1970
Brazil Mato Grosso 2009
Brazil Mato Grosso 2004
Total area (ha) lowland forests (ha) registration concessions for the exploitation of forest (ha) in the Congo Basin. (Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Republic of Congo, Cameroon and Central African Republic) 2012
Democratic Republic of Congo Lulua 2004
Democratic Republic of Congo South Ubangi 2003
Changes in the level of water in the Aral Sea from 1780 to 2006
Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Aral Sea 2009
Kazakhstan Oblys of Kyzylorda 2005
Uzbekistan Monyaq Karakalpakstan 2006
Kazakhstan Aralsk Oblys of Kyzylorda 2004
Kazakhstan Oblys of Kyzylorda 2005
Kazakhstan Oblys of Kyzylorda 2004
Changes in the level of Lake Chad in the last millennium
Chad Cameroon Nigeria Chad Lake 2009
Chad Lac 2005
Chad Lac 2009
Chad Lac 2009
Annual Precipitation of Inner Mongolia 1951-1996
China Inner Mongolia 2007
China Inner Mongolia 2010
China Inner Mongolia 2010
China Inner Mongolia 2010
China Inner Mongolia 2010
Monthly average extent of Arctic ice in the Baltic 1979-2009
Argentine Perito Moreno 2010
Argertine Viedma 2010
Argertine Upsala 2009
Greenland Region Qeqqata 2009
Annual world averages of the sea level from 1880 to 2007
Caroline Islands Nukuoro 2009
Tuamotu Islands Apataki 2007
Maldive Islands Ari 2009